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you live section and click change and then click gaithersburg and you'll get a lot more information. and while you're there, you can find your community in our where you live section. if you have a story or news tip, we want to hear about it. contact us and be part of the wusa9.com team. >>> and since we are checking on things, might as well check in and see how the roads are doing. >> hey there, lesley. thanks so much. it was hard to see this time of day because of the sun glare. but jam packed, no accidents here, just volume. same story over to fairfax county parkway. other routes slowing things down this afternoon. 495, from 395 to 267. the slowest is 20 minutes and 66. about 25 minutes and growing out towards 7100. that's a quick check of your community. more weather coming up after the break. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the
in gaithersburg. everyone is picking up a fairly decent breeze. as we get a breeze, is downright refreshing. at brigham national airport, it was 99 degrees. it happened at 2:00 p.m.. it is 22 degrees above average. a new record at washington dulles as well. we tied the record today at 95. we had a hot day back in 1970 and we beat that today. all around the area, we are watching these numbers come down slowly. 96 in fairfax and marshall and 91 in gaithersburg. when we have cooler air to the west, is not frosty. it is cooler than we have and that is the kind of air that is coming in tomorrow. the noticeably cooler air is west of here. look at the numbers when you get back to chicago and minneapolis. it is 60 right now. more noticeably for us is what will happen on sunday when the wind starts coming off of the atlantic. the cold front will market down into the 80s and -- nodded down into the '80s. -- knocked it down into the 80s. there are the numbers tomorrow, about 85. much cooler on sunday with some showers and monday and tuesday could pick up some significant rainfall. >> the toyota sports
are mid- 70s downtown. low 70s in gaithersburg and frederick. go across the decide and it is only 55 in oakland. dump world out there. for tonight, returning clear and cold again. lows in the 50s. winds from the north at ten and remember the highlights. we are in operation football tonight at 11:00. by morning, mostly sunny cool start. grab the sweater and sunglasses again. 50s and 60s with light winds and by afternoon a nice day, partly cloudy and pleasant. more clouds come in late but stays dry. high temperatures near 80. the clouds will keep us just under 80 and winds will be light. air quality code green. that's good air quality. we will do the zones for you. all six are on our website at wusa9.com. 64 oakland tomorrow. clouds on the increase. 74 cumberland and mid-70s in hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester. 80 culpeper. nice day. the clouds will thicken quicker if you are west of town. upper 70s for leesburg and manassas. downtown not quite 80. still a nice day. 77 gaithersburg, upper 70s at andrews. no winds to speak of tomorrow. no advisories for the bay or tidal potomac. u
in gaithersburg, 73 in fairfax. if the satellite and radar are quiet, but lower right-hand corner of the screen, hurricane earl pushing towards the north- northeast. we will keep up stated throughout the morning. first, let's look at the mosalla commute with lisa baden. >>> a politic in the ashburn area of virginia. it is at ashburn village boulevard. overnight road work on eastbound 66, the last exit to take you on to 495 north is still closed, but should open in 30 minutes. let's look at a picture of maryland, lifting of the beltway at route 4. quiet on the beltway at wilson bridge. looks good on the other side of town at bradley boulevard, to and from 270, a trip. looks fine in hyattstown. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 4:32. police searched through the night for explosives that may have been left behind by gunmen who took three people hostage at the discovery channel building. the gunman was shot by police and killed. >> many questions remain. the incident unfolded in downtown silver spring at the discovery building. courtney robinson has the latest. >> we still have officers on the scene.
at gaithersburg. there -- 70 at martinsburg as well and 66 degrees at gaithersburg. we got our 11:00 update on igor. it is now 40 miles west of bermuda, but the island is really feeling the effects with hurricane force winds and lots of waves and swells. we were talking about that affect the east coast in the next 24 to 48 hours. expect to see large swells as well as dangerous rip tides. julia is going to become a remnant low in the next 24 to 48 hours and the remnants will actually be absorbed by igor as it starts to lose its tropical characteristics heading into monday. it's going to move off to the north atlantic, now a category 1 hurricane but it will weaken and die us. for us partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies in the overnight hours, expect morning fog tomorrow, a ridge of high pressure building in after that. we're in for sunshine moving into the next couple days of the week and that's before an upper level system brings us some rain and a chance of thunderstorms by the time we hit midweek. tomorrow will be a fairly nice day, sunshine with a few clouds, by midday around 75 degrees.
gaithersburg. low 70s in the suburbs and really the sun is just about to go down and when it does temperatures will fall quickly. for tonight, skies will turn clear. grab a sweater for high school football. temperatures in the 50s. upper a 0s downtown, low 50sin the suburbs. winds northernly at ten. tomorrow morning another cool start. 50s and 60s and winds light. tomorrow will be different than the last couple of days, not much wind tomorrow. by afternoon, partly cloudy and pleasant. more clouds come in late. a nice day. highs near 80 and light winds. air quality good. let's talk about the zones. if you are west of the divide, oh, boy, only in the 60s. only in the 50s today. you jump the divide and mid 80s, mid-70s rather for cumberland. clouds come in quicker. mid-70s for winchester to hagerstown. clouds come in here quicker too. still stay dry. upper 70s for leesburg, upperburg and middleburg. downtown not quite 80. and upper 70s in gaithersburg as well and 77 on the bay. winds -- winds will be lowe low. 79 on saturday. 75 on sunday. again, most of the showers, light rain in the morning and
of temperatures. 90 downtown. 86 gaithersburg. 88 manassas. for tonight looking at partly cloudy, breezy, eventually cooler as a cold front has to go through. shower possible. lows in the 80s and winds west northwest at 10 to 15. lows tonight inside the beltway, we are talking upper 60s an we will probably see temperatures eight to ten degrees cooler tomorrow knight and sunday night. but even out to the north it is nice. 63 rockville for a low. 62 gaithersburg. turn the ac off and open the windows. 64 reston and 62 in sterling. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, breezy and pleasant. 60s and 70s. winds west northwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy, spectacular, high temperatures of 80. winds west northwest at 10 to 20. show you live doppler and this is what we mean. not safe for a while to swim. these waves are nine feet in bethany. you may see rip currents as well over the weekend. so try to swim at a life guarded beach. the next seven days, 80 tomorrow. breezy and nice. 79 on sunday. mid-80s on labor day. a nice weekend, 90 on tuesday and wednesday and maybe a sprinkle on
in gaithersburg. 70 up in frederick. so temperatures in the low to mid-70s. for tonight it will fall like a stone. clear and almost chilly. 47 to 57 with light winds. and again the sun is already down. lows tonight, plenty of 40s. 48 in gaithersburg, 49 in rockvillement one of our colder nights really. 57 downtown. 50 in bowie. out to the west, 49 in sterling and 48 in leesberg. so a sweater in the morning, at least for the big kids. sunny and a chilly start. 40s and 50s. winds out of the southeast at 10. and by afternoon, mostly sunny, spectacular again. high temperatures near 80 and winds southeasterly at about 10. next seven days: 80 tomorrow, and fall arrives on wednesday at 11:09. it will feel more like summer into thursday and friday. upper 80s on wednesday, maybe a shower or storm late. thursday near 90, maybe a shower. friday around 90, maybe a shower overnight on friday but that's not much of a chance. and then nice over the weekend again. low 80s on saturday and back into the upper 70s sunday and monday of next week. >> looks nice, topper. thank you very much. >>> from our weird news f
't like the way someone is driving? in gaithersburg, you can tell on them by filling out a form on the police department's website. >> fill out the make of the vehicle. >> there's a list of 20 violations, excessive speed, negligent driving, improper turns and unsafe backing. >> it is a warning. >> there's no ticket and no points. but some people say it goes too far. >> i really hate the idea of training people to turn each other in. >> all it takes is somebody to get upset at somebody and they can turn in random people for no reason. >> the program has been in place for one week. captain christopher says they have only had four complaints. this woman says she can't wait to use it on police. >> you would report police? >> i would. >> really? >> yes, i would. >> that already happened. >> we get complaints on our cruisers. >> he says since the county owns the car, the officer's commander is notified. they will see who was driving and whether the officer was out of line. for most people, it's supposed to be a wakeup call. >> only thing i can honestly say is there will
downtown, 64 in gaithersburg. we'll come back and talk about the all-important redskin forecast and look ahead to our weekend forecast and hurricane igor. >>> well, coming up on 9 news now, imagine this, driving from wilmington delaware to richmond, virginia, on one gallon of gas. meet the local designers making it happen. >>> and as of next year, 6,000 more cars are coming to one small section of northern virginia where the traffic is already a disaster. one what congressman is doing to try to help. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?  >>> well they're telling us to look for a rush hour nightmare when the new department of defense building opens along i- 395 in alexandria next year. that building, part of the brack realignment plan, will house some 6400 employees, but it was built nowhere near a metro station and several studies show that the
day. >>> the city of gaithersburg celebrated the end of summer with their labor day parade this afternoon. you could see fire engines, marching bands, giant balloons, horses and clowns and others entertaining parade-goers in the streets. >>> and this week on bruce johnson sits down with the two candidates for d.c. mayor. our coverage begins tonight at 11:00 with mayor fenty and his wife michelle. she talks about how painful this campaign has been for her family. >> i'm hearing people describe my husband using adjectives that are absolutely shocking. >> arrogant, stubborn. >> absolutely. it's very painful. >> you can see bruce's full interview with adrian and michelle fenty tonight on 9 news now at 11:00. >>> an environmental activist who wants plastic bags banned set up an eye-catching display at dupont circle. it is made up of 45,000 plastic bags. look at that. the activist, andy keller, said this represents the number of plastic bags the average american uses in a lifetime. >> the main point of doing this is to show that there isn't this magical place called away. when yo
with pipe bombs found inside a gaithersburg apartment. officers say they were responding to reports of a death when they found bomb making materials and three pipe bombs in an apartment in the 400 block of sunny brook terrace. police used a robot to get the devices and take them to a safe location. right now police are only referring to the case as a death investigation. no other details. we are monitoring the situation that will bring you more information as we get it. >>> we are just one day away from the primary elections in the district tomorrow. new this noon, it candidates responding to more of vote buying allegations. kathy park joins us live in northwest were early voters are still filing impaired >> early voters have a few more hours left. we learned that more than 20,000 votes have been cast as of saturday night. the race for the d.c. mayor's seat has been tight and controversial. it appears it will be this way until the very end. early voters already know -- >> i voted for mayor fenty. >> i voted for this great. >> on the eve of the election, while supporters made the fin
of the unofficial end of summer. great entertainment from thousands in gaithersburg, the event featured police, fire trucks, marching bands, and a coin toss with a town logo on the side. a good time was had by all. >> a rare gaithersburg coin. >> is that rare? >> yes. >> we have got collectors' items today. the nationals had a young superstar worth the price of admission, but college football have everyone talking tonight. it is all comi ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to pnc.com/businessloans to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. >> any time that maryland and navy get together, it is wild. they call it the gravel in baltimore, for clock tick, finding a little bit of running room, they take it in, jumping in 14-0 in the fourth -- fourth quarter, but in the second quarter on trade bird gets to the outside with a bang will -- bingo touchdown. following the fall back, he is stone and to the door is shut. the church beats navy, 17-14. >> you w
shore low to mid-60s right now. gaithersburg is 54 an here in washington we have a coolish 53. partly to mostly cloudy skies out there. northernly winds. big difference in what we had yesterday. we had gusty winds from the southwest. what we are watching a quiet western part of the country. yesterday's storm is up there. we go down to the tropics to cuba. there is a tropical depression about here. tough to tell on the radars, but look at the moisture. you see the steady stream of moisture from the tropics through the carolinas where it is raining this morning? that moisture is lifting to the north and we think some of it will be here late today and a lot of it tonight in to tomorrow. what we are looking at here on the 9 future cast is the moisture coming up, trying to make it. not doing a great job penetrating the drier air. but at 6:00 you are going to the carolinas it will be wet. southern virginia rains developing. overnight, this stuff surges northward. if this track is farther east the heavy rains will be more here than here. looks like northern virginia through the shenandoah va
man as just to the west of reston, virginia, up into leesburg, near gaithersburg and this is pushing to the north-northeast. we'll keep our eyes on this through the course of the morning. one little anwr owe band of heavy rain but there are more rain showers off to the east in prince george's county, anne arundel county, places like that in the chesapeake bay. more run will be arriving in the course of the morning hours. let's go to the graphics. here is your big picture of we have plenty of clouds. even where it is not raining, we have misty conditions. the a moist start to the day. the other thing you will note is that it is a breezy start to the day and the combination of the wind and the rain has us around like i said a flash flood watch. also has us under a coastal flood advisory. 72degrees is your current temperature in d.c. 71 in baltimore. 69 at dulles airport. your forecast for today look like this. early clouds and rain will give way to some afternoon sunshine. a high today, 81 degrees. more details on all of that coming up in just a you little bit. >> let's check in with j
, gaithersburg and frederick and martinsburg. we have had a lot of action in the tropics. igor is a hurricane, category 1 and that is expected to intensify into a major hurricane and we anticipate that why i looks like they're taking a north-northwesterly turn and have to watch it closely. there are no watches or warnings and going to keep a close eye on it and look at true view. we're look at what is on our way. this is a line of wet weather associated with the frontal system and that is pushing towards us in the leave night hours and that could see a rumble or two overnight and going to wash out as well and it's starting to push through and boy do we need the rain and a slight chance of an early day isolated storm and into tomorrow, we'll see the showers decrease by mid-afternoon into the evening and in tom for the all-important game tomorrow night and by midday, expect to see some scattered showers, not much other than that and look at cloudy skies and talking partly cloudy skies, a cool one and 68 degrees by the time kickoff comes around and in the evening hours and this is a look at the
construction has done to her life in the gaithersburg area. she said since heavy machinery rolled in and a mattress sound wall went up, it has been one headache after another. >> it has been living like in a dust ball. the constant, constant noise in the house shakes and all the windows rattle. >> reporter: crews are just a few months away from completing the first seven mile stretch of the intercounty connector. ultimately, the toll road will span 18 miles, connecting 270 in gaithersburg to 95 in laurel. shortening commutes and linking business corridors. roy is in charge of communicate outreach. >> we try to go out to folk and let them know about work before it happens so they can plan ahead. we've even put people up in hotels when we know we had to do work overnight. >> reporter: he said a lot of what happening is paving, striping and ectronics work. the first leg of the project is 85% done and he said some relief should come by year's end. >> it has really change the quality of life for some people. we're confident when the construction is over and the road is finally open, an
at reagan national. 64 in gaithersburg. frederick at 63. winchester 66. employi muggy. scattered clouds. low to mid 90's for the high. yesterday at b.w.i. 91. reagan national hit 95 yesterday. it will be a little cooler along the waterways with the water temperatures in the low 70's so that cools the locations immediately along the coast. over the weekend we will be cooler. mid 90's tomorrow, maybe a few records will fall. not today but tomorrow that is likely. in the weekend a cool-round. a cold front will drop it to mid 80's by 70's -- by saturday. >> in virginia we are slowing kind of to the normal pattern. manassas 6695 at garrisonville and potomac mills. everything is open to the beltway. gist outside the beltway we go live to news chopper 7. the storms that rolled through knocked out these signals. this is a huge intersection in beltsville powder mill and beltsville drive. be careful near the mcdonald's or movie theatre. right now it is going through on its own. good luck leaving beltsville drive to get to 212. i don't think they will let do you it. we will check on this and more but
moisture in the air. gaithersburg quarter mile. andrews zero with the fog. there's going to be patchy dense fog the next couple of hours. they are going to top off 92 to 97. 90 by noon. 93 for the drive home record heat. good morning, angie. >>> happy friday, everybody. we are going to begin, unfortunately with bad news. we have some issues out there. kensington, 185 connecticut avenue and knolls avenue an accident is there. if you are traveling 66 eastbound it is smooth sailing. lanes are wide open out of manassas. as we continue to 395, so far so good from 95 past seminary making the way to the 18th street bridge. take you to the beltway in maryland where we have no complaints here north of the district from 95 to 270. an speaking of 270 southbound, going to find the lanes wide open from 109 to the split. back to you. >> thank you, angie. >>> flames ripped through a neighborhood forcing families our of their homes. it happened last night in manassas, virginia. this fire spread quickly between close-together homes in the 8300 block of tillotts loop. kristin fisher is joining us with more.
. as you go knot and east of town this is where things get bad in gaithersburg. baltimore is down to an 8th. quarter mile at andrews. over to cambridge, back over to parts of delaware dealing with the fog. shenandoah valley looking good. also south of washington an southern many many looking okay. temperature-wise we warm from the upper 70s at 9:00 to the 90- degree mark here in washington. and 93 for the drive home. today's highs t 2 -- 92 to 97. the record high is 94. could see an isolated shower and that's for the mountains. mid-60s to low 70s by saturday morning. southwest winds will turn west northwesterly behind the front. just a chance of a stray shower well south of town. southern maryland, northern neck, fredericksburg, richmond, you have got that chance of a shower in the afternoon. cooler with highs of 85 and cooler on sunday. we will be in the 70s. this morning, it is fairly quiet. a few high clouds in pennsylvania and northern maryland passing through the region and temperatures are up. 73 winchester. 73 at national. culpeper 64. with some of that fog not far from easton they a
on 66, 270. southbound out of germantown and gaithersburg and eventually rockville, looks like this. metrorail is on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. >>> big news. we begin with a major upset in the race for the district's next mayor. it appears vincent gray will unseat adrian fenty after just one term. 90% increase ex reporting. vincent gray is claiming 53% of the vote. fenty called the nominee to concede the race. >> courtney robinson is following what is next for the fenty campaign. but we begin with pamela brown, following the man who will take the reins of the nation's capital. >> vincent gray will become washington's next mayor. speaking early this morning grace said that his goal is to bring the residents of washington d.c. together to create "one city." his focus will be on community investment and collaboration. reforms will continue with him, but that there will be some changes. schools chancellor michelle rhee's days are numbered. he wants someone who will work with teachers and parents. his goal is to bring character and integrity back to the mayor's office, he
and some 50s. cumberland 57. williamsport 51. 69 in richmond. locally 60 in gaithersburg. 58 reston, our cool spot there. andrews and ft. belvoir are 60. columbia, good morning 59. howard, with traffic issues. angie will elaborate. and 88 college park. 70ishened 9:00. and breezy and 81er. highs in the lower 80s. thanks for joining us. right now we begin with 95 southbound. we have construction at 218 area. going northbound you are fine. this should be clear inspection the next half hour or so. moving to the outer loop, everything is clear from t 5 to -- 95 to 270. smooth sailing. virginia, 86 eastbound, making your way manassas and beyond, looks like a nice quiet commute. take you to 395, tracking the northbound trip here. you want to watch for that traffic pattern at the 14th street bridge. that's where you are forced to lose a left listen. wrap it up before this. 95 northbound no complaints making your way from fredericksburg to the springfield interchange. back to andrea. >>> at 7:00 this morning, polling stations will open across the district, even though this is only primary da
with at all. 57degrees at national airport. it is only 58 in baltimore and 55 at gaithersburg. but we've got 61 degrees to the south as far as manassas is concerned and 66 degrees at fredericksburg. we'll continue to be on the cool side. so be prepared. today, as i said, much keeler than it was yesterday. we are talking mild and breezy. -- much cooler than it was yesterday. we are talking gusty winds in the course of this afternoon. be prepared for that. they will be gusting at least up to about 20 to 25 miles per hour. 75 by the time we hit midday and 78 by 4:00. what a far cry from yesterday where we were actually 96 degrees. >> big change. thank you so much. >>> we want to take a look at this morning's top stories actually car hit two people walking on florida avenue last night and ended up in a restaurant. the driver lost control at 18th and u streets. two young women walking on florida avenue have serious injuries but nobody inside the restaurant was injured. >>> the state department is warning american embassies around the world to remain on alerted head of saturday's planned koran bur
>>> right now, police are investigating the discovery of explosives inside a gaithersburg apartment building. residents were evacuated overnight. conflicting reports this morning on whether the shooting of a dog was justified at a street festival in the district. and celebrating this morning after the redskins take down the rival cowboys in a crazy, ugly game with a must-see ending. "news 4 midday" begins right now. good morning, everyone, and welcome to"news 4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. it's monday, september 13th, 2010. and we're following a developing story in montgomery county this morning. we've learned police evacuated an apartment building overnight after exploses were found in one of the units. it happened in the 400 block of sunnybrook terrace in gaithersburg, myland. news 4's megan mcgrath is live durwood where officials took the explosives. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. yes. the bomb team took the explosives here to this location. you see that field off behind me here where the montgomery county agriculture farm park -- and those whe bags, t
and fog or light rain. light rain up across into gaithersburg right now up towards clarksburg, north of reston, perhaps in the great falls area, seeing some light rain showers right now. and meanwhile, most of the rest of the area, like i said, it is mist at this hour. that will change and develop during the course of the morning. let's go to the graphics. we'll show you another radar image. there is a lot of precipitation, a lot of moisture to work with that is coming in from the south. there is an area of low pressure down to our south that will slowly track north. it will throw a lot of peep in over the mid-atlantic region. can you see by looking at that, some of it is heavy. not saying all the heavy rain will make it into our area but we can expect periods of heavy rain and maybe some thunderstorms as well as this system continues to move to the north. a lot of times, we'll get our rain from the west. take a look at the current temperatures around the region. right now, we are at 65 degrees. here in washington, 63 in gaithersburg. 65 at quantico. dulles at 62. martinsburg at a co
'malley and former governor robert ehrlich met up yesterday, this time at the labor day parade in gaithersburg. the latest rasmussen pole finds both men tied at about 45% of the vote for the third month in a row. >> he is not some challenger who rolled out of bed and decided he wants to get to work. what did he do when he was in office. >> to have this democrat of a county and this many undecided so late shows us that i lot of people are unhappy with annapolis today. >> today is the deadline to request absentee ballots in maryland by mail, fax or. mail. >>> a look now at the morning's other top stories. jury selection begins today in a high-profile case in fairfax county. prosecutors will try once again to get the death penalty for alfredo prieto for the 1988 rape and murder of a woman in reston and the murder of her boyfriend. this is the prosecution's third attempt now. a resentences was order when had the virginia supreme court ruled the jury in his second trial was given an improper form. he was extradited from california where he was already on death row for the rape and murder of a 15-y
here in washington. 66 in gaithersburg. frederick is at 57 degrees. quantico, virginia, 69. fredericksburg, virginia at # 9 degrees as well. here is a look at the satellite- radar. not a lot to see on the sat rad for this morning. mostly clear skies. couple of clouds out there here and there. a cold front with much cool are air behind t that will work its way eastward during the course of the week and during the latter part of the week drop our temperatures to below normal. our forecast for washington for today, above normal momently sunny skies, quite warm this afternoon. high close to 90 degrees be. your winds five to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow, i showed you the temperature, 88. we remain dry for another self days. yesterday was the 15th day in a row without any measurable rain and it looks like that is wait it will be through this week. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> i'm trying to sit here and think about a positive spin we can put on things. kids are back from school, you are home from vac
not raining at the moment but near gaithersburg and through baltimore we have moderate downpours there. look at the forecast for the rest of monday. we will have off and on showers. 9:00 upper 60s to lower 70s. lunchtime, occasional showers. gaithersburg 68. annapolis 71. warmer southern maryland. pax river 77. this afternoon temperatures in the low to mid mid-70s. patranya bhoolsuwan? >> thank you, howard. the rain is not painting a pretty picture for commuter on the north side of the beltway. inner loop, two accidents to talk about. this is the delay associated with it. delays are backed up to connecticut on both sides of the beltway because of the rubbernecking on the other side. watch for that. allow plenty of extra time to get to work. as we move to the realtime maps we have a crash at route a 0 and 301. taking away two lanes. emergency crews are trying to clear it up and 270, good news there. this is the delay associated with that first crash. looking good father hurley to the split. the time is 6:10. more news coming up in 90 seconds. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor
. crofton 59. montgomery county pair of 60s from gaithersburg and rockville. 65 national. dew point of 59. the winds light out of the south southwest at five and a few high clouds around. we'll expand the picture and you can see the clouds streaming in from the midwest with dying showers moving in to illinois. low pressure will perform in the midwest and head this way. a front will be coming this way. and with it the winds will start to gust over 20 miles an hour this afternoon. there's the cloudiness moving through this afternoon and this evening. tomorrow is a quiet day also. should be fairly nice. as we head in to wednesday night we see this area of low pressure developing out in the midwest. by thursday morning, it's coming in and you see the showers and storms in indianapolis there. that's what we will hope for as we get to thursday night and friday morning. the seven-day forecast, temperatures here low 80s the next couple of days. one or two spots 85 today. thursday mid 890s with a chance of a shower in to friday morning cooler on friday, 78 and the weekend is looking good in the lo
tomorrow. 85 right now. 82 in gaithersburg. 88 in leesberg. that temperature does run high though. for tonight, partly cloudy and comfortable, lows 55 and 65. not as cool as last night but nice. 56 in gaithersburg, 65 downtown, and 57 toward sterling. now tomorrow morning, looking at breezy conditions, cool to start. but it warms up quickly. 50s and 60s. and then by afternoon, mostly cloudy, windy, warm, a slight chance of a shower. high temperatures around 85. winds increasing southwest, 10- 20 and gusty. everybody either side of rockville. 85 downtown and maybe 86 toward andrews. nice on friday and saturday. we have tweaked sunday a bit. clouds come in in the afternoon. there is a slight change of a sprinkle -- chance of sprinkle or shower. temperatures falling into the 70s during the game and you can watch it here on channel 9 at 4:15. and then back into the low 80s on tuesday and warming up next week. >> you've done your part to deliver a win. now they need to make it happen. >> let's hope so. we'll see. >> let's hope. >>> up next, what state is home to the best bathroom in th
-57. and winds will become light after midnight. look at the lows tonight. 48 in gaithersburg, 49 in roth listberg and 49 in leesberg. tomorrow winds southeasterly at about 10 and another beautiful day. mostly sunny, spectacular. high temperatures near 80 and winds out of the southeast at 10. look at the zones now. 66 in oakland west of the divide. east of the divide, fantastic. hagerstown back toward winchester. probably making 81 again for leesberg, warrenton and manassas. around 80 downtown and also up in gaithersburg, 79 at andrews, 79 in annapolis. the small craft advisories are out this evening on the bay. 80 tomorrow. just spectacular. a thunderstorm possible late on wednesday, even though fall arrives at 11:09, it will feel like summer. kind of hot. back near 90, back near 90 on friday. most of the showers are raked out in the mountains. nice weekend, low 80s on saturday and sunday of next week. >> i like when you can look ahead on monday and say look at that weekend coming up. >>> a huge fire under a railroad bridge brings trains to a halt in new york city. [ male announcer ] tod
gaithersburg. 54 culpeper. southern maryland in the upper 50s to the 80s. 9 future cast shows a lot of sunshine in the forecast today. one or two clouds like we did midday to the afternoon just like yesterday. as we go to the weekend the cloud cover is starting to build in saturday late in the day. overnight early-morning hours, could see 1:00 or 2:00 this in the morning first sign of the showers and then we get showers here. if you have morning plans on send you have to watch it. you will need the rain gear. evening hours things clear out and looking beautiful as we do to the evening forecast on sunday. i think there's 90,000 people who want things to be free and clear on sunday night. you are going to get it. temperatures in in the mid-70s. maybe a degree or two past the 70-degree mark. temperatures overnight in the lower 50s and near 80 as we go in to saturday. zone forecast, way out west, it's cooler oakland. cumberland mid-60s to mid-70s. seven-day forecast, the morning rain to contend with on sunday but it is out of here as soon as the noon hour on sunday afternoon. angie? >> thank you, d
morning hours. 55 gaithersburg. 61 manassas. these are nice. going to get even cooler, i think in the nights ahead. but the day at a glance, 68 degrees at 9:00. at noon 76. nine across the -- sunshine across the region but the winds will pick up and be northwest 10 to 15 miles an hour. possibly some stronger gusts but a delightful morning. angie, what's going on in traffic? >> trying to wake up. we are getting there. thank you, tom. right now, overall, nothing major going on in the immediate viewing area. notice the icon on the map. we want to take you there outside. take you live to 395. this is what we are dealing with it's just a disabled vehicle to the shoulder response is on the scene and it is not affecting the flow of traffic. keep things moving. take you to 86, drivers are -- 66. drivers are moving at speed. the outer loop is okay, clean and clear from 95 to 270. and live from inbound new york avenue, this is at bladensburg road, a great example of that incident-free commute through the district right now. andrea, back to you. >>> police in fairfax county are on the hun
in fairfax. 72 gaithersburg. 74 hager town. you can see the bands beginning to push into southern virginia into the carolinas. the good news, the rain will remain outside of the d.c. metro area. partly cloudy skies, breezy and hot. of course on the mountains a beautiful, beautiful day. closer to the shore is where the clouds and wind will continue to increase. temperatures in the 60's. tomorrow, look at that, near 80 for a daytime high. let's get an update on this morning's rush hour commute. >> we're actually rushing around the belt way, route four and five, we look good. i'm going to take you to a quick trip around the belt way. things look good at the american legion bridge. new hampshire avenue on the virginia side, a nice transition between wilson bridge and the american legion bridge. >> 4:42 and 75 degrees now. >> still to come this morning, michelle is front and center now. we'll hear from d.c.'s first lady about her now role in her husband's campaign. >> first, you may need at way to get around this holiday weekend. stay tuned. we'll be right back. >> welcome back. it is 4:44 on t
week will be coming off of the high. 73 in gaithersburg. it will get cooler after sunset. by early morning, a chill in the air. temperatures running 14 degrees cooler than they were 24 hours ago in fairfax. 14 degrees cooler in fredericksburg. the winds will subside a little bit tonight. the trend of cooler air is underway. probably in the 50's downtown. 80 degrees in raleigh. 99 in memphis. humidity levels are starting to creep up. the storm caroline just reported on has now crept across missouri and illinois. it will transfer the clouds and some of the moisture eastward, maybe clouds saturday and may be a few showers on sunday. once we get rid of that, another push of cool, canadian high pressure. we will get back into this cool, dry pattern and highs next week only in the mid 70's. tamara, sunshine all day long. back into the 80 degrees range -- back into the 80's range saturday and have a chance of showers on sunday. cooler starting monday through next week. >> this is your favorite week of the year. i know you say you like this better than christmas. >> it is the dallas week a
were on the cool side. 75 degrees in annapolis. a northerly breeze. 73 in gaithersburg. i want to look at our stormscan. leon just reported on the hurricane in mexico. the rain will continue. igor -- top winds have decreased, but could get stronger. the big story will be when it goes close to bermuda, if not over the top of the island. the numbers are pretty impressive. numbers are climbing -- i said impressive because we had cloud cover for awhile. we got to 82 degrees. the morning low was 69 degrees. the pollen count -- two days running of moderate weed pollen. everything is on the way down. that is fortunate for those who suffer with seasonal allergies. 84 in fredericksburg. 83 in lexington park. everybody else's in the 70's. farther to the north, nice and clear. state college is 61. sunshine will continue over the weekend. very comfortable temperatures. the cloud cover is hanging tough. a cleared off during the afternoon. a few clouds farther north. it will be kind of chilly overnight but will warm up as high pressure builds in tomorrow. this little cool front will go through late
evening ahead. currently 78 in fairfax, 79 in leesburg, 75 in gaithersburg. clear skies across the area. looking and a few clouds around the delmarva peninsula. from the belfort furniture weather center, we was seemingly clear skies, a beautiful night ahead, 70, and eventually into the 60's, and we will talk about a warm-up for the upcoming work week. are you ready for temperatures near the 90-degree mark? >> thanks a lot, steve. coming up on abc7 news at 6:30, one week after the combat mission. >>> plus craigslist. is it really dropping its adult services feature or simply moving it to another section? and the most infamous fed up employee. and the most infamous fed up employee. >>> at least one dozen people are dead after a violent attack. a car bomb was set out in baghdad. gunmen opened fire. this is the second time in three weeks the building has been attacked, and the previous one killed 61 army recruits. no americans were killed. >>> turning the to the u.s. war in afghanistan, a former british prime minister tony blair was speaking as a guest on it "this week." the host asked him
. 67 was the morning low. only a trace of rain so far at the airport. 66 in gaithersburg and frederick. befriend has not passed through frederiksberg yet. it is going to get -- the front has not pass through frederiksberg yet. we will see a cool down overnight. then he continues down south. the rain will just be a temporary visitor. -- of the heat continues down south. the rain will just be a temporary visitor. a tornado warning for a while in queens and staten island and york city this afternoon. violent weather there. there is a second line developing and i'm beginning this will pivot of to beam northeast. -- of to the northeast. high-pressure returns from the west and that will be the mechanism for a lot of sunshine and pleasant weather for the next several days. partly sunny in the morning, 68 in the metro area. 73 midday. 80 in the afternoon. clouds and sunshine. it will not see any rain in the next few days. lower to mid 80's as you head through the day on friday. sunshine and 80's on saturday. sunshine and a bit cooler on sunday. right now, the models are suggesting a warm-up fo
now, 77 degrees in gaithersburg. b-7v in la plata. a little bit more to the -- 70 in la plata. a little bit warmer to the west. the atmosphere is said to bring some of these-this heat in. probably lower 90's on friday. the reason for it is this area of high pressure that has given us this delightful weather will move off to the atlantic and shift just far enough south to wambach the temperatures here for a few days. at the same time -- to one of the temperatures here for a few days. at the same time that is happening this is going on over here. however, it could be kind of block. there could be some isolated thunderstorms, especially north and west of the city. temperatures will warm up nicely into the every deposing near 90 and a chance for an afternoon dharam -- thunderstorm -- into the 80's mirren 90 and a chance for an afternoon thunderstorm. the tropic of capricorn will be the first day of winter and then the first day of spring willie back. this season's go around again -- .pring will be back a if the seasons go around again. >> the doretta sports desk, brought to you by
. in gaithersburg now, 61 degrees. it has been very dry. through the next couple of days it will becúmcakx)c more of the. a few more clouds coming our way. i will tell you the latest and show you some dramatic pictures of igor. >> tonight, a big u.s. retailer is targeting cellphone and your family. >> we have their new plan. >> also, oprah's season opener. we will hear from a woman in the audience. >> and a man from alexandria is murdered in south florida. i will tell you the >> businessman samuel del braco was found dead in florida last night. >> it was determined that he was killed by the corner, but how and why is still under investigation. >> his alexandria neighbors are devastated tonight they describe him as a friendly man who would bring cookies at christmas and always had a kind word. >> he would always ask how you were doing and that type of thing. >> certainly, he did not come across as the type of personality that anyone would have an antagonistic relationship with. >> which makes his murder such a mystery. the florida sheriff's said they found him inside his vacation home already dead
. it is 83 in gaithersburg. 81 reported in the district. let's venture over to the storm scan to give you the latest on igor. guay off indialantic is a tropical storm julia pureed -- way off in the atlantic is a tropical storm julia. it looks like igor will be very close to bermuda by saturday as a category 3 storm. it is a big storm, but for now at least out in the middle of nowhere in the atlantic. the heights tomorrow will be in the mid 80's and below will be 63. 86 in fredericksburg and 86 in frederick. if you take the next six or seven days an average it out, we're pretty much where we should be. a couple of days above average and a couple of days below. no major storms to talk about across the continental u.s. the little bit of rain that we had yesterday was to wash the pollen count out of the air. we may see a scattered showers on friday. tamara, breezy and in the-degree range. -- tomorrow, breezy and in the 80-degree range. by friday, a chance of a few showers and it will cool off again just in time for the weekend. 62 degrees in the mid cities and in the 50 cozied in the suburbs
and gaithersburg. the skies are beginning to get a little cloudy. vowel is moving to the rest of us, clearing up by 8:00 or 9:00 -- fog moving to the west. letson an update on mehzzerly commute with lisa baden. >>> we have construction on 66 westbound at glebe road coming out of rosslyn towards falls church, the left lane is closed. 95 virginia, the rohde board is gone. -- roadwork is gone. southbound at 32 there's roadwork that should be gone by the time you get there. the beltway travel books good, all 66 miles of it. back to you. >> thank you. >>> "we begin with a developing story out of springfield. a deadly shooting and the hunt for a suspect. >> fairfax county police found the man's body last night on the 6800 duffield aster drive. now the latest from courtney robinson. >> one man is dead at 6810 field and aster drive. -- fieldmaster dr. officers believe this is a possible home invasion. we are trying to get information from fairfax county police. 10:00 last night is when this happened. officers came out and we are hoping to speak with neighbors to get more information. this was not a ran
virginia later on today. temperatures right now in the lower 60's. gaithersburg is at 61. up to about 87 for a high- temperature today. mid to upper 8's for the high. it will become mostly cloudy. scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm or two this afternoon or evening. a to point to 5 inches possible. -- .25 ages possible. we may only see a drop or two. it will be sunny tomorrow. highs in the lower 80's. saturday, sunshine and low 8's. that is set for the weather. how is the jacket? >> the roads are in pretty good shape. we will be closing a stretch of more or pipe between brooks drive in silver hill road. elsewhere in maryland, the cell m side of the 270 is starting to slow down -- the southbound side of the 270 is starting to slow down. in virginia, so far, we had no accidents to report. 95 coming out of woodbridge is in pretty good shape. back to you. >> we have 66 degrees outside. the time out is5:21. the defense is hard at work for a game plan for sunday. >>> 2005 and never happened that you are counting heisman trophy winners. the heisman trust has declared that there will be n
driver under arrest. samuel kingston was arrested at his home in gaithersburg this week. he is the fourth driver arrested this year in connection with a sexual assault. he is accused of inappropriately touching a passenger who has cerebral palsy. >> when he was removing her from the van, he inappropriately touched her body. >> i would think they need to have better screening before they hire someone. >> in july, another metroaccess driver allegedly raped a disabled passenger. authorities believe he fled the country. earlier in the year, two others were fired after allegations of sexual assault. >> family members mourning the loss of a teen who was murdered, apparently by somebody who wanted his bicycle. 15-year-old justin panell was shot and killed this week. his bike was stolen. family members say he wanted to back professional basketball player or go into the navy at this point police do not have any suspects. >> 5:06 now. 58 degrees on this cool friday morning. >> still ahead, a potential voting scandal just days before the district hits the polls. >> plus get ready for more changes,
. we currently have 83 degrees at national, 82 baltimore, 81 gaithersburg, 86 to the south in fredericksburg and 82 degrees at dulles. for tonight we'll see partly cloudy skies into the course of the overnight hours. then the clouds will thicken up a bit but by about 11:00 it will be 74 and i'll have the latest details on hurricane igor as well as tropical storm julia and a look at that five- day forecast. we've got some important changes coming up just ahead. back to you. >> thank you. see you soon. >>> the first family attended chump today. president obama and first lady -- church today. president obama and first lady michelle obama took their daughters to st. johns episcopal church. this is fourth time the first family has visited the church and every president there since james madison has visited. >>> a major milestone today in religious circles. three well known pastors in the gay and lesbian community were formally recognized by the lutheran church. fox's jody ambrose is in st. paul with the details. >> reporter: the three lesbian pastors are among the first in the n
on this latest incident. >> 59-year-old samuel kingston of gaithersburg is charged with sexually assaulting one of his female passengers. he's employed by challenger transportation, a subcontractor that provides metro access service. the victim alleges that kingston attacked her on august 27th in montgomery county. >> i was just kind of likemy my gosh. >> the allegations have surprised those who know him in his quiet gaithersburg neighborhood. >> we don't really take that much but i was, you know, i was in shock. >> what i can say, he was a quiet person and normally see him park his car right here. >> reporter: the latest incident is two months after another metro access driver was accused of sexually assaulting a disabled passenger. he was employed beregency cab, another metro contractor. police believe he fled the country two other metro access drivers were accused of sexually assaulting passengers earlier this year. metro officials say their contractors and subcontractors do their own background checks. the man arrested in this latest incident has been suspended pending the outcome of his ca
bit this weekend. warmest spot is reagan national at 64. 63 earlier. gaithersburg, down to 55 this morning. manassas, manassas park 57. went chester way out in northern virginia, 54 degrees hugging the west virginia border and a mixture of 80s and easton and cambridge at 61 and 64. a lot of clear skies this morning. we will experience more sunshine later on today. a few clouds here and there. the 9:00, noon and 5:00 forecast shows a cool morning and temperatures in the 70s by 10:00 or 11:00. 75 noon. and 77 this afternoon. don't have to worry about the pollution being a problem, but yes it will be another one of those sniffly days if you are a ragweed sufferer. >> at least it is friday, right. that's something to look forward to. hope everybody is off to a great morning. on the roadways not all clear out almost one tieup to tell you about in silver spring area. eastbound university is closed at dennis avenue. we have downed wires in the area, as well. avoid the area. you can do that by using edgewood lane as an alternate. on the outer loop, everything is moving clearly here. t
is taking this labor day off. actually, she will be -- i guess she is the grand marshal of the gaithersburg parade this morning so we'll talk to her a little bit later on. but right now, lauren demarco is in with a look at traffic. you got it, didn't you? >> you guys are a little kooky this morning. >> it is labor day. >> all right. we do have, because of labor day, there is work on metro as we've been reporting. that will affect you if you ride the red line between fort totten and glenmont, the stations are closed so there is shuttle bus service. if you are riding the red line, you want to give yourself at least 40 minutes extra time as you get out there. here we are on the beltway crossing the american legion bridge. the camera has been freezing off and on but can you see the light volumes. everybody is running at speed. here at the pentagon, wide open. your hov restrictions are lifted on all of your major highways except for route other, the john hanson highway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> allegations of election fraud in prince george's county. ballots sent to resi
in gaithersburg and frederick, 74 in hagerstown. quiet and drive across the immediate metro. hurricane earl right there. today's forecast, mostly sunny and hot, low 90's. tonight, mid to upper 60's to 70's. near 90 tomorrow. in the '80s on the weekend. -- 80's. >>> a little bomber if you are leaving springfield headed a woodbridge. southbound 95 caswell warrick with only one lane getting applied to the right. traffic in the red heading south away from the abc 7 logo. headlights on northbound and quiet. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we have 75 degrees on this thursday. >> apple pulls the next generation ipod and it could be an entertainment game changer. >> ambitious timeline towards middle east peace. >> live in silver spring, a closer look at the man responsible for your place nightmare. >>> welcome back. 5:14. new details about the gunman who held people hostage for hours at the discovery channel building. james j. lee was killed after hours of negotiation with police. now more on his history, with brianne carter. >> good morning. police say that this man is it to be responsible. no stranger t
, but intends downpours just west of town that is stretching from manassass back down toward gaithersburg and frederick. there's the potential for some parts of the viewing area to pick up another couple of inches of rain at least. look at this shot of fast-moving clouds in the district. hang on because more rain is headed back to the nation's capital before long. >> tonight, a fairfax county couple is suing the city of baltimore. at the center of the fight is the baltimore police department 's handling of the death of their daughter. >> she ran away from home and three days later was found dead in baltimore. her parents say baltimore police did an inadequate job of investigating their daughter's death. >> i will never, ever stop looking for who murdered any. >> mary jane and dan mccann say they are in a suspended state of grief. their 16-year-old daughter annie was found dead in baltimore in 2008. she in just a lethal dose of lidocain, a chemical found in the antiseptic, that team. she was a runaway -- police say she was a runaway who committed suicide. her parents dispute that finding.
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